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5.0 out of 5 starsGallic Delight , March 11, 2006. Reviewer: Martin Latter from West Sussex, UK

Simon Day's pursuit of many things Gallic, especially the 2CV, is clearly out of the ordinary. He pursued his motoring dreams from a young age, and pursued them with a passion. He retells his journey in this book - the lessons learned on the way and spiritual insights gained - with honesty and wit.

I'm not interested in cars these days - and especially not 'Tin Snails' - yet Simon's amusing anecdotes, combined with a wonderful flair for description, have the potential to captivate even non-car lovers. For Citroen lovers, this book will be sublime gold.

5.0 out of 5 starsA Cracking Book , March 2, 2006. Reviewer: katie11533 from Sussex, UK

A gem of a book combining not only great passion for 2CV's but an enlightening insight into faith and belief.

I loved it,I really did, I found it fascinating and I can't even change a tyre! Simon Day has written this wonderful book with flair and an enchanting enthusiasm for 2CV's.

The spiritual aspect is remarkable, always interesting, very well researched and at times very moving indeed. It proves to perfection how important Faith is in our personal lives.

I loved Simon's honesty, expertise and sense of humour - the book had me laughing out loud, I will never be able to eat chips without wanting to dip them into somebody's cooreh sauce!!

5.0 out of 5 starsSunny Day , November 30, 2005. Reviewer: Anthony Shields from south coast, UK

Simon Day writes wittily and pungently, weaving stories of cars with his spiritual journey- not an easy task, but one he accomplishes with elegance and style. The photos are evocative, capturing long-lost summers and the sheer enthusiasm for his subject shines through.

I'd recommend it. Would make an excellent Christmas gift.

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"Could become a cult novel" Stuart Maconie - BBC Radio 2

"...this book comes as a revelation...The heart of the book is in the detail...with graphic sounds that bring it all to life if read out loud. (Not recommended if you read the book whilst using public transport.)" CDC review - Citroënian

"Written in an up-beat, amusing and very readable style." PP Review - Jaguar Driver's Club

"Thoroughly enjoyed every page." MJ - Port Elizabeth, South Africa

"Fabulous Book! Enjoyed it from start to finish" CT - Sydney, Australia

"Compelling, amusing and thought provoking...many a marathon (literary) session in the easement chamber, acquiring red elbow marks on my ample thighs...A very rewarding experience. SHD - Ferring, UK

"...Wonderful book... I salute you..." BP - E.Sussex

"What a captivating read! It's sad and it's full of fun - just like life itself." CC - W.Sussex

"What an amazing journey..." ME - Kent

"Nearly missed getting off the ferry, I was so engrossed." PJD France